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1920s, 1930s

This is the first of two clips set in a vineyard, this one of a man looking for a girl dancing in a garden before they begin to dance together. The clip opens with a MS of a man in a dancing costume nervously waiting in a vineyard. He gets up and goes to look at something. After a shot of black,we see a woman with a parasol in WS dancing along in a garden. There’s a strange cross shaped transition as the four corners in the center peel away to reveal another shot of the same woman dancing. A wipe down shows her in LS in this garden area, still dancing along, apparently looking for something. A man, not the man from the beginning of the clip, comes in and they flirtatiously dance in courtship. A WS gives a closer look at the dance before a return to LS of before. The clip ends as they twirl together.