This clip contains footage of prostitution and an interview with a pimp. Begins with MCU of an interview with the pimp, Billy, discussing last week’s income, he wears a makeshift paper mask. Cuts to MS of the back of a Cadillac driving down the street, a VO discusses the different jargon used by pimps. Cuts to MS PAN of a man in a Navy uniform, behind him a prostitute passes. Cuts to MS of a man in a suit walking with a prostitute, she sees the camera and turns her head. Cuts back to the shot of the Cadillac, it turns left. Cuts to MS of a pimp waving his arm outside of a coffee shop. Cuts back to MCU of Billy being questioned about pimps using force to keep women hooking, a crosscut of a woman with a badly beaten face, cuts back to Billy, crosscut of her again. Cuts to MS of a former pimp in sunglasses sitting on a chair, he discusses how he beat one of his women with a belt when she tried to hold onto the money.