This clip contains footage of the chief of police being interviewed, prostitutes being arrested, and an interview with a pimp with a mask on. Begins with MCU of the chief of police discussing arresting prostitutes instead of fining them, zoom out to a man holding a channel 7 news microphone. Cuts to MS of prostitutes being piled into a police van outside, one man takes an umbrella away from a prostitute. Cuts to MS of a police holding unit, the van holding the prostitutes. Cuts to inside the van, a bright light is shining and the prostitutes cover their faces with hands or bags. Cuts to MS of police officers shoving prostitutes into a cell, one woman who had fallen stands up and has a policeman shove her from behind into the cell. Cuts to MS of one woman outside the cell, she walks towards the camera but an officer quickly stops her. Cuts back to MS of the police shoving women into cells. Cuts to MCU of a pimp named Billy, he is wearing a makeshift mask from a paper bag and twine, he discusses how he was an apprentice tailor but became a pimp because his friends did it and there is money in it. He explains he has 2 women working for him because they loved him and he needed money.