This clip contains footage of prostitutes in San Francisco, an interview with a business owner, a city health officer, and arresting officers. Begins with MS of prostitutes outside a bowling alley, VO of the owner discussing installing street lights to disperse them but it having the opposite effect. Cuts to MCU of the business owner sitting in front of bookshelves. Cuts to MS zoom in to a City Clinic sign. Cuts to MCU of a nurse holding a syringe. Cuts to MCU of Dr. Ellis Sox, a city health officer discussing the testing of arrested prostitutes/Johns, the 10,000 cases of gonorrhea, and the use of penicillin. Fade in to various shots of women walking on a dark sidewalk. Cuts to MS of undercover officers entering a dark bar, they handcuff a man on the floor. Cuts to MS of prostitutes outside a bowling alley.