This clip contains footage of an interviews with 2 prostitutes who discuss solicitation for aging prostitutes as well as stealing from clients, and an interview with a business owner in a popular solicitation district. Begins with MCU of an interviewer and a prostitute named Sue who is in the shadows, she discusses the varying prices. Cuts to MS PAN of a neon hotel sign, a woman hiding her face in bright light, silhouettes of a man and woman who walk by a lit up store, and 3 people in the shadows who walk away, VO discusses the tactics of aging prostitutes. Cuts to MCU of a prostitute named Janet discussing older prostitutes, she states many either save up money or commit suicide. Cuts back to the 3 people in the shadows walking away. Cuts back to Janet, she discusses stealing from clients. Cuts to various MS of prostitutes and Johns walking down sidewalks as the VO of a man who owns a bowling alley in an area popular with prostitutes discusses tactics and frustration.