This footage has two distinct parts: one a memorial service for a dead, unknown American soldier of the Vietnam War and another part is a protest against abortion.

A WS of an unknown American soldier who died during the Vietnam War was carried down the Capital steps and people saluted. A WS of people on horses carrying the dead body to the national cemetery. A MS of a plastic bag on top of an American flag which covered the coffin. A WS of thousands lining the seven miles route. A WS of people memorializing thousands who died during the Vietnam War. A MS of two men making rubbings. A CU of their hands. A CU of a man being interviewed for his disappointment of not being invited for the service. A WS of the unknown dead soldier. A CU of President Ronald Reagan giving a short thankful speech. A WS of the coffin and the president’s back. An EWS of cannons firing. A CU of a man. A WS of people paying respect to the dead solder. HDS of the laying a flag on the coffin. A MS of an African soldier. A MS of servicemen handling the flag. A MS of president Ronald Reagan.

A MS of a man giving a speech. A WS of protest signs and people: a pro life protest. A MS of Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich giving a speech about the importance of life and protecting it. They are protesting against abortion: not a matter of choice but a matter of life.