Documents World War II. WS of trains. WS of trucks. LS of buildings, tracks, ships and other forms of transportation. WS of a car lifted down. EWS of a big ship. CU shots of the ocean and the ship. CU of an under water bomb. MS of a man looking through a binocular. WS of air patrol. MS of officers holding binoculars. MS of a marine looking out. MS of a ship that sank. MS of a general. LS of things falling down into the ocean. Voice over of a man describing the time of World War II and his personal experience with the war. MS of the navy. WS of bombs being dropped on ocean and ships. EWS of burning ships and ships that sank. WS of bombing on ships. WS of an injured man. WS of surviving men climbing up another ship. WS of a hectic office setting. WS of a world map. MS of people adding pins to the map. MS of a woman updating the Enemy S/M. Reports. MS of two men looking at the wall map. MS of soldiers. WS of ship. CU of male faces. LS of many many people in a ship. Voiceover of a man saying that the worst thing is not knowing where you are going. WS of people sleeping on beds that are built on the walls. MS of a man reading. MS of a man writing a letter. MS of a man sewing clothing. WS of soldiers on the ship. WS of men playing instruments. MS of men playing card games. MS of men chatting. MS of a band. WS of men leaving the boat. WS of sailors feeding pigeons.