This clip is part of a variety reel, this one featuring the bread lines and beggars in the Bowery. A title card starts the clip off, stating: “Street of Forgotten Men”, before a cut to an ELS of New York City, specifically the Bowery in Manhattan (Brooklyn Bridge in BG). WS of cars driving under a bridge. Pan follows some men walking down the street in LS, then tilt up, Beggar in MS. The same beggar walks into a barber shop, which the VO states is where he actually gets whiskey. The beggar comes back out as time has elapsed. LS of someone walking along the gutter. LS of a building, CU on the sign in front showing that is a restaurant. Man selling wares on the sidewalk in MS. Coats hanging from a sign in MS. Man sitting on a curb examining a paper. In CU we see it is his tax return. Cut to a man sleeping on church steps in WS. LS of men waiting in a bread line.