Clip from a variety reel on a soup kitchen, a goose that does tricks, and a story about Panama City and privateer Henry Morgan. MS of a man getting food from a soup kitchen. MDS of men eating at a table, MS of a man having a bite of soup. MS of another man doing the same. A title card reads, “The Only Educated Goose”, then a WS of a man stepping over a goose as the goose laces through his legs at the same time. CU of the goose, then a WS of the man and the goose playing leap frog. CU of the goose stepping over the man’s foot. CU of the goose in a silly outfit, then a LS of the goose and man walking down the street, with people gawking in the BG. Next, another title card: “Nature, the Detective” LS of Panama City. LS of the water, boat sailing in MG, trees in FG. Cut to a pan of the town below in LS. Pan and tilt of a ruined cathedral. Three CUs of a tree, as VO talks about the pirate Henry Morgan and his treasure. WS of the cathedral tower, covered in jungle. LS of a forest for a beat.