This clip is an introduction on the development of microscopes and demonstrates how microscopic glass is cutThe first few sepia-toned shots in this clip is war footage from WW1. There are three stills, a pan of soldiers wearing masks, a sick soldier wearing a mask and a doctor & nurse over a soldier in a tent, wearing masks. The audio mentions the size of the influenza virus. Throughout the clip there are 8 still b&w shots through a microscope. They appear to be magnified blood cells, bacteria, virus and microbes. There are a few shots of the “first American microscope” in color, followed by macro shots of cutting/breaking glass for magnification. There are some medium shots of a bearded man in a blue turtleneck operating the machine to break the glass. The clip ends with a shot of him putting the broken glass into the microscope followed by a macro shot of the glass and the eyepiece of the magnifier inside the microscope in color.

Not Explicit