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This clip contains footage of cougar kittens/cubs and their activities as they grow up. Begins with various shots of cougar cubs running and climbing on trees. Cuts to their mother laying in the shade. Cuts back to the cubs climbing a tree. The cub falls to the ground and the mother runs and jumps to her young. Cuts to the cubs, a little older, clumsily climbing a tree branch. Dissolves to the cubs chasing a frog in a meadow. Cuts to a cougar walking by a stream and the frog swimming away in the water. Cuts to a cougar walking across a fallen tree across a stream. Dissolves to the 2 cubs, now nearly mature, running together in a field. Various shots of them running and jumping along a mountain side. Cuts to a squirrel jumping up a branch, cuts to the cougar looking up at it. Various crosscuts of the squirrel eating a pine cone in a tree and the cougar watching. Various crosscuts of the cougar climbing the tree and the squirrel jumping from branch to branch out of reach.