This clip contains footage of big cats, mostly cougars, and their eating and hunting habits. Begins with shot of an ocelot with her young in a cave. Cuts to a bobcat walking through a wooded area, 2 bobcat kittens follow behind. Cuts to WS of North America (US and Canada mostly) with a drawing of a cougar to indicate their locations in the beginning of the century, the drawings change to the cougars all being along the western side. Dissolves to various mountain shots. 2 cougars walk down a mountain side. CU of the cougar in a field. Various crosscuts of a cougar looking at a deer. Cuts to MS of bighorn sheep walking in the Rocky Mountains. Dissolve to MS of a herd of elk grazing in a meadow. Dissolves to a raccoon in a stream eating. Dissolve to a cougar standing on a rock by a river, a fish is seen thrashing in the water, cuts to the cougar and various shots at it is attempting to catch the fish. Cuts to a cougar walking through snowy woods