Begins with CU of large doors, smoke billows in front, the doors begin to open revealing a LS of a courtyard with columns, and a mountain with smoke billowing from it in the BG. Cuts to CU of a fountain, TRACK up to water shooting out, TRACK down to fountain structure. Cuts to CU of statue of a man with his arms raised, PAN to another statue, courtyard, columns, and smoking mountain in BG. Cuts to MS of 2 white birds sitting on top of a column with busts engraved into it. Cuts to MS of birds around the opening of a large circular structure. Cuts to CU of a white mask of a man with a long beard. Cuts to CU of a mask of a smiling woman. Cuts to CU of white sculpture of men in robes and an ox, lizards are climbing it. Cuts to MS of 2 statues, shrubs are underneath them PAN of garden. Cuts to MCU PAN of a fountain, around a garden with statues, ends on MCU of a painting. Cuts to CU of painting, TRACK up. Various CU of paintings.

Not Explicit