This clip is about the Russian city of Obninsk. It begins with a WS of a city street. Cuts to a CU of a old rotating radar machine. A vertical panning shot of a long radio tower. A WS of the exterior of a building. A WS of a fountain. Cuts to a POV shot of a car driving down the street looking at the passing houses. A shot of a woman walking along side her child who is riding a bike. A WS of a field and forest. A shot of flowers on the ground with a flame in the foreground. Cuts to a MS of the flowers in front of a eternal flame memorial for the people who died defending the land against Hitler’s army. Cuts to a WS of a woman meeting a man next to a fountain. A WS of a river. A WS of the exterior of a nuclear power plant. A CU of soviet newspapers. A WS of the nuclear power plant’s control room. A CU of dials. A shot of two scientists talking to each other. A scientist talks on a phone then checks the fuel rods. A WS of a platform. A CU of a flashing light. A scientist checking the fuel rods through a window.