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Eight of eight clips on the state of Cape Canaveral after the Challenger Space Shuttle crash. WS of what seems to be part of a rocket or shuttle at NASA in Cape Canaveral. CU shot of the American flag on the side of a building at NASA, then a zoom out to a WS of the building. LS of what looks like bleachers for a shuttle takeoff viewing with a building in the BG. Well-composed shot of the building with the American flag as seagulls squawk and fly around in FG. Slight zoom in, then a zoom in of the sky as the birds fly. Zoom back out and in to the left of the building again. LS of a guard in the parking lot by his guardhouse. Shot of building with sign that says “WELCOME KENNEDY SPACE CENTER-FLORIDA”. Shot of arches that seem to be connected to the previous building. CU shot of a sign for the Spaceport, the “Launch and Landing Site of the Space Shuttle”.