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Five of eight clips on the state of Cape Canaveral after the Challenger Space Shuttle crash. Shot of American flag in FG, with technical buildings at NASA in BG. LS of a parking lot, panning back and forth, zoom up to the building that was filmed at night in the earlier clips, this time filmed in daytime. There is a repeated movement in the next shot. Again the camera follows a car for a second before expanding to include the NASA building. LS of the a clock at Cape Canaveral as a cameraman and sound woman walk in front of it. Water and trees are in the BG. Cut to a shot of the same clock without the people in front of it. LS of a water tower and a building, with a parking lot in the FG. LS of a beach with elderly group walking along it, with a pier in the BG. Camera pans right and captures the flight of a seagull.