This appears to be a promotional video for the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.Begins with a set of cadets in uniform marching up steps into a building. Cuts to an auditorium filled with cadets, most are seated. The standing cadets march and chant in unison. MS of cadets seated at a table passing out food, cadets in BG can be seen clapping. Cuts to CU of the American flag waving. Cuts to a massive group of people standing around a large stone, most of them are shirtless. People stack and link arms around the giant stone. PAN of the stone, the people are possibly greased and are trying to reach the top, the people on the ground look crowded and miserable. CU of a cadet grabbing the hat at the top of the stone, he then cheers and shouts, the crowd erupts in cheers and smiles. MS of uniformed cadets carrying bayonets and marching. Cuts to uniformed cadets marching on a lawn.