This news report is about Asian students being underrepresented in college admission. It begins with a WS of UC Berkeley campus. MS of two White students walking, and another MS of Asian students walking. A CU of a paper document with statistics on it while the narrator narrates that 25% of the time White applicants have higher admission rates than Asians even though Asians met the qualifications. A MS of Henry Der, from the Chinese for Affirmative Action, commenting that Asian students have to be a little smarter, a little brighter in order to be admitted to UC Berkeley. A WS of an Asian student who walks to his seat. A MS of a professor writing chemical formulas on the board. A MS of the same Asian student taking notes while the narrator says this student is valedictorian of his high school and a student athlete but he was rejected from UC Berkeley. A CU shot of this Asian male student claiming that there might have been conscious or unconscious discrimination in regards to his rejection to UC Berkeley. A WS of students casually chatting around the fountain. A MS of two White students. A WS of more students eating lunch. A CU shot of the vice chancellor, Bud Travers, commenting that the protected groups are White and athletes who are mainly White or Black and not many Asian. A WS of athletes on the field. A MS of two Asian guys while the news reporter says that Asians as a whole are being underrepresented.