Clip of a man peeping on a couple that will soon have sex. Old man creeps up, images of a telephone, camera, and keyhole are on the right side of the screen over the darkness. They disappear. Dissolve to a blonde woman in bed wearing a teddy, smiling at a man who has his back to the camera. CU of the man in glasses, then MCU of the woman speaking. Cut back to the man looking for something. CU of the door opening slightly; the old man’s eye is visible and he pulls the latch back to see better. Cut back to MCU of the woman, then MWS of the man and woman from the side. He drops something, CU of him starting to get up, then back to the MWS. She starts trying to undress him. Cutting between her trying to unzip his pants and a CU of his face as he argues with her. CU of the old man peeping at the door. CU of a Bible on the night stand, then MS of a the man dialing somebody on the phone. A box appears on screen with the old man raising his eyebrows suggestively. Fade to black, then open back up on a LS of a man reclining a woman onto a bed. A cameraman is in the corner filming. Dark shot of the cameraman and director looking at the scene, a light behind the director slightly illuminates their backs.

Not Explicit