Clip of woman tanning outside as a man photographs her, then in another segment a woman slowly undresses after a night out. Keyhole transition to a man in MS photographing something in a cage. CU of him filming, he opens his mouth wide. In LS a woman in a bathing suit lays out on a towel after she removes her bathing suit top. There is another keyhole transition and there is high angle shot of her from the roof of a house, camera moves up to show the man photographing her. Keyhole transition to the woman lounging by a pond in MS. Next, a different woman enters a richly decorated room in MS, she wears a fur stole. Cut to LS as she walks across the room, and begins to undress in MWS. LS as she moves in front of her mirror and dresser, cut to WS as she takes off her jewelry and parts of her dress.