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Clip contains footage of a 1950s dating advice for young boys new to the game. Young Woody’s path to a date is played out while a wise narrator guides and explains the ins and outs of dating. In this clip we see an almost montage scene of the date at the fair, scored by very chirpy music and without any of the sounds of voices of the fair. Lastly night falls and we are shown how to ‘properly’ say goodnight. Ends with him happily whistling.Footage begins with a MS from a moderately high angle panning from left to right over a bustling group of teenagers at a fair with balloons and other such decorations. Cuts to a MCU of a hand painted sign which advertises “Games”. Cuts to a MS from behind Woody and Ann as they play a darts game. Cuts to a MCU of the balloons they are aiming at. Cuts back to a MCU of the mustached Carnie giving advice. Cuts to the original shot of Woody and Ann as Ann throws a dart. Cuts to a CU of a balloon popping and cuts back to Woody, Ann, and the Carnie as Ann celebrates. Cuts to another MS of a hand painted sign which says “Side Show”. Cuts to a MS of a Fortune Teller at a glass ball. Cuts to a MS of the same Fortune Teller stand as Woody and Ann rush up. Cuts to a MS of a another sign this time saying “Refreshments”. Cuts to a MCU of a boy taking a vigorous bite of a hot dog. Cuts to a MS of a table of refreshments which Woody and Ann walk up to and take a tray of food from. Cuts to MS of a boy and a girl as they finish their drinks are stand up, shot continues as Woody and Ann take the recently vacated seats. Cuts to back to the original MS that opened the footage, now panning right to left across the fair. As it stops the lighting shifts and the scene is clearly darker. Fades to a MS of Ann’s shadowy front door. Ann and Woody enter shot as footage fades to inter-titles which ask: “How do you say Goodnight?”. In same way as the previous two clips we are shown three versions of Woody attempt’s. From a MS framed on Woody and Ann who stand with the door in the background between them. Woody’s first attempt is to spring an aggressive kiss on Ann - no dice, as Ann pushes him off. Secondly he abruptly says goodnight and quickly strolls away, clearly hurting Ann. Lastly and of course preferably he says what a good night he had and that he will call again soon. Ann is clearly pleased and the narrator approves as Woody walks towards the camera whistling as the shot fades to black.