Clip contains a trailer for the 1962 film Married Too Young. The film chronicles the story of high school sweethearts who find out that marriage is not what they thought it would be. Things turn from bad to dangerous as they get involved with a gang of car thieves. The trailer offers a fast paced guide through the narrative, using super imposed text to offer sound bite like narration. Clip opens with a WS shot of a racetrack around which many cars are parked. Over this shot the film title is superimposed.“Married to Young” then spins into and blur and changes into “Racing Thru Life”. Cuts to WS filmed from the side of the race track as cars speed past. Cuts to green screen MCU of one of the race cars, growing from the center the words “For Kicks” emerge. Cuts to WS of the racetrack crowd as the superimposed words change to “And Thrills!” Cuts to MS of young lovers making out in a car, “...Seeking New Thrills!” is superimposed over this shot. Cuts to MS of them moving to the back seat. Cuts to MS of the girl’s parents as they find a marriage license. Cuts to MS of a people dancing in a bar. Cuts to a MS of a fight breaking out in the same bar. Cuts to a series of green screen MS and MCUs back and forth during a Police Car, in hot pursuit of the couple and firing gun shots. Cuts to a WS of the car losing control, narrowly missing a blockade marked “Street Closed”. Cuts briefly to MS of the couple screaming in car before cutting to a low angle slow motion WS of the car plummeting to destruction of a cliff. Finally cuts to a MS of the police car as “Married to Young” becomes superimposed on the screen once again.

Not Explicit