Footage contains a clip from a public service sexual advice film most likely from the 1950s due to the style of dance (Harmony Hop) that is being planned.Footage opens with a CU shot of the dance poster being pinned up. The poster says “Welcome to the Harmony Hop Central High Spectacular Party”. This shot continues as it pulls out to reveal the two girls who put up the poster and who begin talking about their new dress. The camera stops pulling back and settles on a MS frame by the two girls and center on three boys who enter the scene and begin talking to the two girls.One of the boys expresses his grievances concerning another dance with the “same people, doing the same thing” . Cuts to a MCU shot of one of the girls with a CU of the unenthusiastic boy in the right of the frame. Cuts back to previous shot as the two who have their own shot move to the background of the scene to talk. Their conversation is unheard as one of the other boys complains that the other is being a “jerk” meanwhile the second girl uncertainly defends him. The talk in the background seems to have been heavy as the girl runs off perhaps in tears. Footage ends as the main MS of the footage pans right following the unenthusiastic boy downtroddenly, with his hands thrust in his pockets, walk away.

Not Explicit