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Landscape shot of a very green field with grasses blowing in the wind. Close up of the grass as camera pans and one can notice water flowing under it. Cut to a map of Europe as it zooms into England focusing on Oxford, London, and Windsor. Cut to a long shot of a child ankle deep in a river with a can in one hand and a stick in the other. Cut to a shot of ducks walking from grass into water. Then a long shot of a small group of people by the river. A couple rows a boat, a couple people fish. Very green imagery. Cut to a medium-close up shot of a large bird flying from the water over the field of grass. Cut to an aerial view of Thames with houses along the edge, boats, etc. Cut to a shot of many fishing boats on the water. Then a shot of a boat passing behind other stationary boats. Then a tug boat moving away from a much larger ship. A long shto of a couple sail boats on the water with a beautiful, slightly cloudy sky above them. Aerial shot of a sail boat with an expanse of water around it. Another aerial shot of Thames with city surrounding it. Cut to shot of police boat with large ship in background. A police man is interviewed as he drives the boat. Shot of the back of the boat reading “POLICE” with a British flag hanging from the back. Then a long shot of the buildings on the Thames while boat/camera moves along. Quick shot of a woman walking her dog along Thames, then back to the police boat. Cut to more edifices along Thames as boat/camera moves along with a boat moving in water in foreground. Medium shot of ducks/swans swimming in river with tall grass in foreground.