WS of a blue sky filled with clouds. MS of a the ocean, water crashing over rocks out at sea. CU of a seagull flying overhead. WS of sky. WS of barges passing out at sea. MS of fisher men pulling in a lot of Marlin fish into their boat. MS of women sunbathing at a beach. MS of people swimming and surfing. CU of a model of Earth spinning in orbit. MS of people fishing in a pond. MS of a woman water skiing. CU of a housewife watering her bed of flowers. CU of a golf ball in a puddle on a golf course. MS of a man hitting it and splashing himself. Panning WS of a desert. CU of a man and his donkey taking a break for water. WS of the ocean and the tide breaking. Toddler taking a sip from a cup is added in a montage, over the ocean.