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LS of a mustachioed man in a suit jumps into a laundry/servant chute/elevator. Cut to MS of him in the elevator pulling on a rope to go down until he hits the bottom. A man runs down winding stairs to a large foyer with something in his hand that is hissing, sounding like a bomb. A woman comes out a door to scream after seeing the man. He opens the chute door and throws the object down. Cut to man in chute with object in his lap. The other man looks the door. The man and woman run out a door. The man in the chute pulls himself up with the rope, climbs out the same door, throws the object back into the chute and runs into a bathroom where the other man and woman are hiding in the bathtub. He closes the door and steps into the tub with the other two, all with their hands over their ears. CU of the object in question hissing with a bit of smoke coming off it. Exterior shot of house (miniature); it explodes completely. Shot of the three of them in the tub which is somehow still attached to the wall of the house. They pull down the window shutter which has the text: “The End.”