This clip shows how Louis Pasteur, in a reenactment, changed hospital practices mostly dealing with the sterilization of tools and other materials when treating patients.MWS of two men and a woman sitting at a table. The woman fixes one of the man’s (Pasteur) blankets, then clears the table before walking through the door. MS of Pasteur concentrating. LS of a classroom full of older men. MS of him sitting at one of the desks in the classroom. Shots of microbes, with a quick shot of two men sharing a bottle of wine. ELS of a hospital wing. Pasteur walks down. Shot of bed after bed with curtains drawn on each. MS of Pasteur reacting angrily over some dirty bed sheets in the hospital. MCU of a surgeon being prepared for surgery, then CU of some tools being burned for sterilization. Surgical dressings are also sterilized.