This clip contains footage of a military parade in Israel, in which they pay allegiance to the Israeli flag. LS overhead of Israeli army on parade. LS from the ground of troops walking in formation, pan left to show more soldiers on the side saluting and at attention. LS of women soldiers walking by, then MWS closer in (they do not carry guns). LS overhead of soldiers leading donkeys along. MCU of child holding an Israeli flag, then LS overhead of trucks passing through. WS closer in on some artillery being dragged along with the truck. Another LS of trucks and tanks going by, then a WS from the ground of the passing vehicles. MS of the soldiers passing. Some MSs of crowd members clapping. More soldiers pass. LS of soldiers walking up in formation, one has an Israeli flag. They stop at attention. LS of men in white uniforms waiting. The prime minister walks by in MS, cut to a shot of the Israeli flag. In WS he stands before a podium, cut again to an Israeli flag, this time being raised. MWS of soldiers in formation, then another shot of the flag waving in the air atop the pole.