Louis, 1st Earl of Mountbatten, last Viceroy of India, in a car driving down the streets of Karachi. Crowds surround with lines of uniformed men in salute. Earl Mountbatten waving and saluting back. The car turns away from the camera and goes under an arch with the sign “Qaide Azam (unreadable) Gate.” Crowds of people; group on balcony looking down. High angle LS of cars going down street with a phalanx of soldiers and behind them crowds of civilians. MS of Muhammad Ali Jinnah coming out of a car with photographers around him. Jinnah speaking at microphone in an official capacity. Man holding Pakistani flag. Smiling civilians. Trucks with soldiers, large guns, and military weapons driving down street with crowds around. MS of Jinnah watching. Marching uniformed men. High angle LS of two women coming down plank off large ship. British soldiers on ship deck. LS of soldier coming off plank and waving. High angle of soldiers marching in long lines. Pan of British soldiers on boat. Pakistani military men saluting good riddance. LS of military boat in port. 2/4/1948. Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) given independence. Gate in rural area. Cars driving underneath, lines of soldiers lining road. British soldier saluting, crowds behind him. British soldiers in white at attention. Two British men and a native man in a suit walking together while crowds watch. Women of both nations sitting together, all facing camera. Tilt upwards as the Ceylon flag is raised by the suited man.

Not Explicit