Three men sitting at a desk in front of a filming camera. A lit ‘On The Air’ sign. A man wearing a headset walks while pushing a camera in front of him and looking through the view finder of the camera. He turns a handle on the side of the camera. The letters ‘KTNS’ are printed on the side of the camera, along with the words ‘National Schools Television’. A man watches the live footage being recorded on a small screen. A man turns dials on a long control panel. A man wearing a headset holds his index finger up in front of his face, and then pulls his finger across his neck, the ‘Cut’ signal. The exterior of a large building. A man sitting behind a desk with an ‘ESSO’ sign on it being filmed. A show being filmed, with a sign in the background for Turkish Taffy. Men at work on large electrical boards. Two actors being filmed by three cameramen.

Not Explicit