This clip is a montage of women in corsets, with footage from the Victorian era, then women from a later time (appears to be 1930s or 1940s) trying on corsets. Women greeting each other in LS, dressed in Victorian clothing with extravagant hats and parasols. They walk up the stairs. Cut to a woman posing for the camera in LS, dressed still in Victorian clothing with a parasol, hand on hip. Larger woman with feathery hat doing a twirl in MS, maid in BG. Women in Victorian dress walking down some steps, their faces darkened by their hats. Cut to more of these women, younger this time, walking in a park, backs to the camera. Next come different girls in MS walking in the park, facing the camera this time. LS of a woman being fitted for a dress, a man pulls fabric around her and tightens it from behind, pinning all the while, then drapes the dress and begins to pin the back. Cut to an illustration of a corseted woman at a vanity, lines fly on screen to make the drawing. CU of a woman tightening a corset. Woman in WS posing in a corset, 1930s or 1940s. CU of the corset as she turns. CU of a woman tying a corset, then cut to a girls face as it is being tied, with a very strange open smile. Cut to a woman attaching shoulder pads to a corseted woman (CU of one being pinned on), then some padding is pinned to her hips. CU on her hips, the padding, and the corset.