This clip is of a parade in Palm Springs with floats, horses and carriages.Begins with 2 women seated on the front of a car, they adjusts their dresses in the wind. Cuts to a marching band, drummers can be seen in front. A float made to look like a camera, with a flash and lens drives by. A sign on the back states: The Desert Sun. Cuts to a woman in a blue dress walking out of a motel, she picks at a red flower next to a white bench with an umbrella. Back at the parade, 2 small horses pull a red wagon with 3 people. An elaborate carriage is pulled by 2 white horses, there is a banner reading: KFI Calling. A float rides past with a heart and a swing built inside, a woman uses the swing. Exterior shot of a building with the sign: The Doll House. Many people are lined up by a wall with circus signs; streamers blow in the wind. WS of The Doll House, cars sit in the parking lot. Cars drive past in the parade, including a miniature car. WS of the cars and mountains. Men on horseback ride through, they carry an American and Californian flag. A long procession of men on horseback follows. A float designed like a makeup bag and hairspray drives by with women on it. A marching band marches past, they have a white feather on their hat; followed by women in sparkly dresses. A showboat float drives past, 2 women lay on the back in swimsuits. A white convertible passes as 3 women sitting on the back wave. Ends with 2 people on white horses riding through.