MS of shirtless man watching the parade from his balcony. WS of a man watching parade from atop a phone booth, dressed in leather / bondage. CU of the man on the phone booth. ECU of the man standing on the telephone booth. WS of a crowd inn the street as a police car drives by. CU of a woman walking past through the crowd. CU of a man wearing a gold mask. MS of three gay man talking and gesturing. CU of the same man standing on the telephone both, without his jacket on. MS from street level, looking up at two men, shirtless on a balcony. CU of man’s buttocks, only wearing a jockstrap. CU of this man and the group of people he is hanging out with. CU of the man’s groin / crotch area. MS of man wearing an unbuttoned plaid shirt on the street watching the people go by. CU on his chest and groin area. MS of a man wearing a floral hat. CU of his face and hat detail. MS of crowd as people pass by, several shirtless men stand in the center. CU of men talking and groping each other.