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An illustrated sequence shows major cities in the U.S. and how parts of bombs could have been smuggled into these cities by “saboteurs” and assembled and detonated. The narrator explains that that is why the nations of the world need to unite to avoid a catastrophe. A two dimensional map of the world is shown morphing into a three dimensional map of the World. International flags are shown as a circle around the 3D map of the world. The narrator explains that the United Nations needs establish a world wide control over atomic energy. Footage of an atomic bomb being released into the ocean is shown. An illustrated sequence shows rows of men gathered in a circle representing representatives of the United Nations. The narrator explains that these representatives need to create international laws that end crimes against world peace. Footage of Mussolini at a UN meeting. An illustrated sequence shows neutrons splitting atoms and creating atomic energy and a 2D map of the world morphing into a 3D model of the world.