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A Nazis German flag is displayed. A B-2 is shown being launched into the sky. The narrator explains that Hitler’s B-2 bomb can kill 168 people. Footage of a B-29 flying. The narrator explains that one atomic bomb released by an American B-29 killed close to 100,000 people. Rows of illustrated white crosses represent the thousands killed. Where the atomic bombs were dropped and how far the U.S. plane flew are shown on an illustrated map of the world. The far reaching rang of the bomb is also illustrated on the map. The narrator explains that had the axis powers had the bomb they would have taken over the world. Mushroom clouds are shown all over the map of the world. The narrator explains there would have been no defense against axis power planes containing A-bombs from destroying London. An illustration shows a fleet Nazis German planes flying towards London and releasing a bomb. An illustration shows how Nazis V-2s with atomic warheads could have destroyed England. An illustration shows how Nazis trans oceanic rockets could have reached the U.S. Illustrations show how U-boats could have surfaced along the U.S. east coast and launched atomic rockets.