Commercial for Skippy Peanut Butter. White dots pop on to screen. The dots grow black stems. The stick figures move over to a jar of peanut butter and circle it. The stick figures pick up the jar and walk off with it. Shorter stick figures jump up and down next to the jar because they love it. Two tall stick figures pace back and forth because they are critical of the drawbacks of peanut butter. Lines represent oiliness and stickiness of peanut butter. The stick figures turn into flowers and their petals fall off. Their stem bodies get tied in a knot. Their heads turn into a peanut. A family of stick figures hold sparklers and stand next to a flag that says “1933.” An illustrated jar of Skippy appears. The stick figures turn into a pair of eyeballs looking at the Skippy. Skippy is spread on a piece of bread and eaten.

Not Explicit