Commercial for A.R.M. Allergy Relief Medicine;begins with a woman holding up a white flag and pleading for help because she is stricken with allergies; shot of package of A.R.M. and a pencil pointing out the letters for the medicine; male voiceover: “it’s hay fever, and the whole world seems like one big pollen farm! Don’t give up: arm yourself with A-R-M: allergy relief medicine! (shot of an A.R.M. oval tablet set down next to a round antihistamine tablet) A.R.M.’s antihistamine does everything yours does for dripping and sneezing, plus, A.R.M. adds a decongestant, for freer breathing, clearer sinuses, more total relief! Add it up (here, the pencil writes a plus and equal sign between the former and latter tablets, with the A.R.M. tablet circled as the answer)! Antihistamine relief, plus congestion relief equals A.R.M.! Arm yourself with A.R.M.! (shot of package of A.R.M.).