CU of a young boy as walks out of his house. WS of him walking towards the sidewalk, passing a milkman who is walking backwards. As the boy continues, everybody he passes is in reverse. CU of Levi’s logo on his jacket. MS of the boy walking through a park and lady walking backwards, he assists her, making her walk straight. He walks past a waiter who has dropped his plater, as the boy passes the plater is time lapsed, ending up back on the waiter’s hand. A Frisbee is reversed from a dog’s mouth and floats back the the young boy. MS of the boy walking down some stairs through a park, a man who has fallen off his bike proceeds to rewind his actions, riding backwards up the stairs. The boy proceeds to slide up a pole to a fort. MS of balloons floating back to his hands. CU of a balloons with Levi’s logo on it.