CU of a farm on the horizon, sun is rising. CU of a man’s hands placing a filter inside a coffee maker. CU of a business man’s face, taking a sip, looking out window. MS of two Firemen and a dog (Dalmatian) driving a truck towards viewer. WS of both Firemen at the station walking towards the coffee maker. POV of a fireman looking at the coffee machine. WS of a business office and a business man sitting at his desk in the background, coffee maker is in the far right of screen. zoom in CU of business man rising from his chair and sitting on the desk. MS of a woman removing a Mr. Coffee from a box. POV of a Barista serving a customer a cup of coffee. WS of business associates playing cards at a table, coffee maker in background. CU of a business woman taking a sip. this clip montages with three Firemen taking sips from their mugs during a coffee break.