Commercial for Baker’s Coconut; begins with a family visiting a grandfather for his birthday; the grandmother and granddaughter are in the kitchen, comparing their wares: coconut cake; the mother samples the coconut, since the granddaughter says that she followed the recipe verbatim; the grandmother knows that it’s not because of the taste: “not completely: you didn’t use Baker’s Coconut!” “-how’d you know?” “yours doesn’t taste as fresh!”; the granddaughter samples the coconut and say “that’s tender and fresh! Baker’s does taste fresher!”; grandmother holds up a bag and says, “don’t scrimp on coconut!”; later, the grandfather and grandmother are sitting at the head of the dining table, and the grandfather says to her, “Ruth’s cake still can’t beat yours!”, and she replies, “she’s getting the right idea!”; ends with a bag of coconuts and Baker’s Coconut spilling into the frame; male voiceover: “Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut: fresher taste makes the difference!”