13160 13327 canadian tire


Commercial for Mastercraft screwdrivers, sold by Canadian Tire; a man is under his car doing a repair as his dog is watching; he drops a screwdriver, which rolls into the street; from there, the screwdriver goes through an adventure: a truck drives over it and it flies through the air and into the water; a fisherman catches it and places it on a runner for a floater plane; as the plane takes off, the screwdriver falls off and lands, bit first, into the lawn of the owner’s house; the dog retrieves and brings it to the owner, who says to him, “Max, you’ve got to leave these tools alone! Max: you put a scratch in it!”; the dog looks at the camera, incredulous; male voiceover: “The simple screwdriver does not always lead the simple life. That’s why Canadian Tire sells Mastercraft screwdrivers! And, we’re so sure Mastercraft screwdrivers are made to last, they’re guaranteed for life, just like all our Mastercraft tools! And, nobody guarantees tools for longer than that! Mastercraft Tools from Canadian Tire: they’re guaranteed forever!”

Not Explicit