This Federal Express commercial depicts another delivery service company as slow and inefficient as compared to Federal Express’s guaranteed delivery by 10:30 am the next day. A MS of a business man calling Doofus Air Express asking them to deliver his package by 10:30 am the next day. The man answering the phone says “You got it” but in the background, lazy and inefficient workers work in slow motion. A MS of the same business man reemphasizing the delivery time. A MS of the man answering the phone repeats “You got it” but workers behind him are moving in slow-motion. A MS of the Doofus Air Express repeats “You got it”. The next day, A Ms of the business man standing in front of a group of other business people, and he calls Doofus Air Express. A CU of the same worker who says you will get it. A MS of the business man making a dog with his hand. A MS of a group of other business men speechless as they watch him perform. A WS of all of them.