Commercial and public service announcement for U.S. Savings Bonds; begins with a reenactment of the Revolutionary War, with a woman helping out an infantry by bringing water to the troops, including her husband; at one point, the husband falls to injury, and she runs to the crowd surrounding him; instead of falling over weeping, she picks up the long tamping rod and urges her husband’s infantrymates to continue the fight; male voiceover: “today, the future depends on your action! When you buy United States Saving Bonds through the payroll savings plan, you’re investing your future and your country’s future, too! As for Molly’s investment: well, when the smoke cleared, America had a new victory and a new herald. Molly Pitcher: truly liberation’s woman! Take stock in America with U.S. Savings Bonds! Right from the start, it’s been an equal opportunity investment!”