Commercial for Era liquid detergent; neighbor comes into a woman’s house and asks to borrow some Era liquid detergent, as another neighbor will not use powder detergent; neighbor stops because the bottle has a “thingamabob”; woman replies that it’s “Era’s new pump! Handy, huh? Just a dollar! Tells you how to send for one in this gallon size;” zoom shot on pump action; “two squirts make a quarter cup: just enough for a regular load;” neighbor still thinks that her powder detergent is better, but woman kindly disagrees: she shows neighbor a shirt with motor oil stain, squirts a little on the stain, two squirts into the washer, and rubs the shirt together; woman claims that Era’s the same price as powder detergent; neighbor returns the cup, and woman says that “Era’s amazing: two squirts cleaned all this!”, pointing at all the laundry; she then shows the once-oil stained shirt, now clean; voiceover: “send for your Era pump! Just two squirts will show you an easy way to outpower the powders!”; neighbor squirts Era into a cup and says, “hey--this is kind of fun!”

Not Explicit