Commercial for Manufacturer’s Hanover bank; comedian Paul Lynde pounds on the glass door entrance for Manufacturer’s Hanover bank because it’s closed, only to watch another customer open the door; he then complains to the security guard about the long line, which the guard responds that it’s the express line; Lynde then walks up to the teller, and when she discovers that he’s making a deposit, she suggested to use the quick time deposit box; Lynde chides the teller, since he thinks that if he visited another location, he’d have a hard time depositing a check, to which the teller dispels that notion; as Lynde walks away, he sneers, “you know something? You’re all being very nice! And I don’t like it!”; the voiceover is that of Rod Serling: “New York: a city of eight million critics, a city that’s hard to please, but Manufacturer’s Hanover is trying. It’s banking the way you want it to be!”