Aerial view of baseball stadium. Crane shot of full stadium. Medium shot of announcer with microphone reading list of prizes to baseball player, Rip, who stands next to him smiling. Close-up of Rip smiling. Cut away to pile of gifts including outboard motor, television, refrigerator, golf clubs, barbecue, on grass nearby. Close ups of announcer and player, smiling. Close-up of Rip losing his smile when he is told he has won a VW station wagon. Doors open and VW microbus drives onto field. Reaction shots of fan smoking cigar, another fan spilling beer, and pigeon cocking head in surprise. Volkswagen drives onto field and parks near pile of gifts. Scoreboard reads “congratulations Rip.” Close-up of disappointed Rip. Two men load gifts into van. Close-up of baseball player smiling. Follow shot of van driving away with surf board standing through sunroof.