A crowded medieval square. An old man, similar to Quasimodo, the hunchback of Norte Dame, stands before a crowd speaking but nobody can understand him. He puts his hands to his mouth in an attempt to project his voice but to no avail. A beautiful young woman moves through the crowd watching this man. The man sees her and grows silent. The crowd parts to allow her through. She walks up and stands beside him. She has a bucket of water and gives him a ladle full. He dips his fingers in the water and tastes it, He slaps the ladle aside. The crowd jump back in shock. The man points at his lips and speaks in a mumble. The woman appears to understand. She smiles and hands him a bottle of Dr. Pepper. The man shakes with excitement. The crowd erupts in cheers. He takes a swig out of the bottle, and the woman drinks from her own. A jester juggles cans of Dr. Pepper. A jouster/ knight swigs from a bottle as his horse rears. The whole crowd now have Dr. Peppers and they cheer greatly. The girl gestures to the church (Notre Dame) behind them and asks the man ‘Shall we ring some bells?’ Two cans of Dr. Pepper in the foreground with the man and woman ringing bells in the background and the words ‘Hold out for the out of the ordinary’ above the cans.