An aerial shot of an island off the coast of Ireland. Shot moves in over coastline showing a small thatched building. Interior of pub. A clock ticks, a number of people sit silently on stools. Two men stand leaning on the bar, a guinness sign above them. One man twists a towel in his hands. Close up on clock. A black dog laying on the ground. Three men rowing a narrow boat on the ocean. An old man with his hands resting on a cane. Another shot of the row boat. The clock and the resting dog. The rowers. The old man looks at the clock as it chimes. He checks his pocket watch. Close up of the men rowing. An old man enters the bar saying ‘Ta siad ag teacht’( Irish for ‘They are coming’) The men run from the bar. Close up of a beer keg on the row boat. The men from the bar help with the keg. A guinness pouring. The barman hands out two guinnesses. A man drinks. A shot of a guinness being poured. The barman shakes the now empty keg and says ‘Aris’ (Irish for ‘Again’) to a man at the bar. The three rowers carrying their boat down the beach towards the ocean.