‘Girl Watchers’Airplane on the runway. Hands opening the airplane door. A woman walks off the plane. The pilot in the cockpit watches her walk past. The woman walks through the terminal. She is seen in silhouette swinging her bag. The camera follows her feet as she moves through the crowd. Close up of man looking over the top of his newspaper. Camera follows the woman through the crowd. A man on a phone turns to watch her. She walks along an open corridor and down stairs. A man leans on a railing and watches her. Another shot of the woman walking. A close up of a turning bottle of Diet Pepsi Cola. Close up of the bottle cap being removed with a bottle opener. Cola pouring from the bottle. Close up of the Pepsi and ice in a glass. Close up of woman drinking from glass. Close up of logo on bottle of Pepsi. Man leaning on railings smiles.

Not Explicit