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A man sits at a table at a french style restaurant. He folds his paper, and raises his eyebrows with a smile at a woman sitting at the next table. Apparently upset, she speaks to George, the man sitting with her. The man with the paper continues to smile at her suggestively. The woman appears horrified and speaks anxiously to George. George puffs on his cigar and appears unperturbed as he reads. The man with the paper sniffs the air and speaks. The woman puts her hand to her face. She seems angry with George for his lack of concern. The man with the paper comes to their table and leans in to speak to George. The woman rises from her seat and leaves angrily. The man with the paper touches George’s arm and points at his cigar. George offers him one of his White Owl cigars. It says ‘Invincible’ on the pack. The man with the paper smokes happily and looks intently at the cigar. The man with the paper grins widely, then takes off after a pretty girl.